Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Books in Review

The Eat Clean Diet

Tosca Reno's story is an inspirational one. At age 40, she weighed over 200 pounds, by age 46, she was a fitness model. How did she do it? And how can the rest of us do it?

There were many things going wrong in Renos' life that finally made her decide to take control, a messy divorce, weight gain and depression were a few. One of the things she decided she needed to do was start "eating clean" and gain control of her weight. She also started exercising at least five days a week, and built up her body with weight training.

In Tosca's quest for a healthier, younger body she gained a lot of knowledge about food and how it works in your body. Tosca used this knowledge to write The Eat Clean Diet. The follow up to that best seller is The Eat Clean Diet Cookbook, a must for anyone who wants to cook healthy food everyday.

The Eat Clean Diet Cookbook has over 150 recipes. The book is full of pictures, tips, and easy-to-make recipes. It is divided into smaller sections including: breakfast, soups, grains, proteins, sauces, one-dish-meals, vegetables, pasta and dessert.

What I like most about this book is the variety. Many of Reno's recipes consist of many different ingredients working together to make delicious dishes! You will also eat a variety of food groups which will ensure nutrient rich meals.

In August Tosca is coming out with The Eat Clean Diet for Family and Kids. I am eagerly awaiting this cookbook so I can cook healthy, family friendly meals!

I hope you all rush out and get these books so you can start feeling more energetic and in turn be happier and full of life:}

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Lizzie M. said...

OOOOOOhhhh I want to buy that book!!


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