Monday, September 22, 2008

Workouts in Review- Everyday Fit

Everyday FitCarol Murphy is Owner and Fitness Director of FitLife, based in Rochester, New York. Carol is a renowned, world-class, trainer with decades of experience. She can help you get fit and stay in shape! Everyday Fit is Carol's latest production.

Who is it for?

The intensity level is great for intermediates but beginners could modify a few moves and keep up just fine.

What to expect?

This is a great low-impact, core focused workout. There is a 9-minute warm-up followed by 13 minutes of floor aerobics, 20 minutes of floor toning and a 5-minute cooldown.
Everyday Fit is a innovative workout. This stability ball workout will get your blood pumping as you rock and roll into fitness. The cardio ball segment gets you moving with challenging total body strength work that emphasizes core training. This calorie burning, muscle conditioning program will give you the fit, healthy body you want in a workout that feels like play!


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