Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Workouts in Review- The Seasons of Fitness

The Seasons of Fitness

What is it?
A 70-minute flexibility, core and balance workout, divided into four sections and based on Pilates, Yoga, ballet and dance stretches. You can do the whole routine, or just one segment. Sue West instructs.
Who is it for?
All fitness levels, although it helps to be familiar with Pilates and Yoga, as this will help your form. You don't need to be extremely flexible, but if you are very tight you may find some of the poses challenging. You will need a strap or a scarf for a few stretches, and a mat.

What to expect:
Sue West refers to her workout as Melange™ because it's a blend of several different, yet graceful exercise styles. The Seasons of Fitness is divided into four different components (the first three are each 15 minutes long and the final segment lasts a little over 20 minutes). Each one is a separate, stand-alone routine with a different focus — and beautiful, seasonal nature scenery to match. "Spring" includes gentle stretching to awaken your body's flexibility. "Summer" is floor work that builds your core muscles. "Fall" takes the core work into leg exercises to build your stabilizing muscles and finishes off with some balance poses. "Winter" is a deep and contemplative stretching routine. West seamlessly blends all the exercise styles together — Yoga, Pilates, and dance — to create the focus for the sessions. Each routine begins with stunning shots of the scenery, from Yellowstone to Utah's dramatic Canyon Lands, and includes calming, classical style background music. If you have the time, you can do all the routines for a nice, whole-body strengthening and flexibility session.


VeggieGirl said...

A whole-body strengthening and flexibility routine??? I'm purchasing that DVD, for sure!! Thank you so much for the review, as always!!

Piper said...

That sounds fun! I like that it incorporates different types of dance stretches. I may have to get that one because I'm a little less flexible in my "old age." :)

Nicole said...

Yeah Piper, your just ancient:) Nobody can be too flexible so go for it!


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