Monday, November 17, 2008

Being Fit like a Fitness Model

So I was feeling depressed this weekend because I can't seem to keep weight off right now. I was searching through my Oxygen Magazines for an idea on how I could really bump it up a notch. I came across many workout and diet plans and realized that the bodies you see in magazines are not as realistic to come by as a mom of three small boys. There was a time when I could have had the body of these models but I think it's come and gone. I need to focus right now on being healthy and letting the rest take care of itself.

Here is an example of what these beautiful women have to do to look so good! For any of you that are still at the point in your life where you can follow a strict plan try this one, it works!! Just know it should only be followed for a short time, 4-6 weeks. After that slowly add more healthy carbs back in to your diet.

If you can't do it all try switching your carbs to all whole grain and adding the Udo's or fish oil into your diet. Also, make all of your protein choices lean ones.

Ashley’s meal plan:

Pre-workout booster
• 1 teaspoon “Magnum G” glutamine
• 1 vitamin C tablet

Meal one (post-workout)
Protein Shake:
• 2 oz aloe vera gel
• 2 tablespoons hemp protein powder
• 1 tsp Udo’s Oil
• 1 tbsp ground sprouted flax seed
• 1 serving Magnum Performance Edge Greens
• 1 multi-vitamin

Meal two
• ½ grapefruit
• 4 oz chicken breast

Meal three (mid-afternoon)
• ¼ cup dry measure steel-cut oats cooked in water
• 1 tsp Udo’s Oil

Meal four (late afternoon)
• 4 oz chicken breast or turkey breast
• 8 asparagus spears raw or steamed

Meal five (evening)
• 1 cup egg whites
• ¼ cup green pepper and handful of spinach
Preparation: Serve scrambled or as omelet. Add 1 tbsp salsa. “I try to pick up something organic and lower in sodium – under 200 mg per serving,” says Ashley.

Meal six (before bed)
• 1 to 2 cups green salad, add cucumber, celery and lemon juice
• 1 krill oil capsule

Ashley’s workout:

Cardio: six days per week

Ashley’s cardio tip:
“Fifteen minutes before cardio, have a one-ounce serving of wheat grass and one teaspoon Magnum G glutamine for some added power.”

Monday - shoulders, hamstrings, abs
Tuesday - quads, biceps
Wednesday - back, triceps, abs
Thursday - shoulders, calves
Friday - quads, chest
Saturday - hamstrings, abs
Sunday - ah, rest!


Barbie Doll Bride said...

oh my gosh...

that seriously looks like a full time job. i suddenly feel a whole lot better about myself for balancing a life and a decent body. thanks for this post!

Piper said...

You're so right. We all have to get to a place, after kids, where we realize that our bodies and time we can spend "perfecting" them are different. It's hard sometimes to remember that every stretch mark and saggy boob is a result of a beautiful child:) When you are feeling a little down, up your Vitamin B complex. It makes your brain work better and wards off sadness/depression. Sometimes we just need a boost to think clearly so we can see the truth. Five or ten pounds, more or less, you're beautiful, inside and out!

VeggieGirl said...

I just read her feature in Oxygen!! :-D

GroundedFitness said...

Well, if you think about it- they are fitness models. Thats their job. So they train all day and have nutrtionists and all that jazz. I'd love to look like that, too, but I just dont have the time. or attention span. and Im a trainer!

Kelly Turner

Megan said...

uh where do i find the time to do all that. i hardly have the time to eat as it is. I guess thats a good

Lizzie M. said...

I am making a copy of this!

Amy said...

Where do you find the Magnum products that she lists above?

Nicole said...

Hey Amy!

Click on the "Magnum G" Glutamine and it will link you to a website that carries it.

Thanks for commenting:)


Anonymous said...

It was so awesome to come on here and see a picture of Ashley on your blog! LOL I was at her last competition, and the last competition she presented at. Ashley is also a university student amongst many other things.
There is also a great photo of Melissa there!

Love some of the receipes found here!

Nicole said...


Thanks for the link to the pictures! Kudos to all the women who work hard in this field day on and day out. You all look great!!

Jessica said...

i would love to make this shake in its entirety but live in the states and cant find ANYONE that carries 'magnum nutraceuticals' products. so i have three questions for anyone that has the answers:
is there an equivalent from another brand to the 'performance edge greens'?
what are the nutrition facts?
and does anyone happen to know of a store in the states that sells the magnum line? ive found websites that sell it but unless i want to wait 2-4 weeks, the shipping in handling is wicked expensive!!!

Nicole said...

There is a store here locally that carries them. Here is their website:
I'm not sure what they charge for shipping but I'm sure you could call and ask. If there is a substitute for them, they might know one as well.
Hope that helps!


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