Thursday, November 6, 2008

Workouts in Review- Prevention 3-2-1 Circuit Workout

Prevention: 3-2-1 Circuit Workout
What is it?
Chris Freytag leads this 49-minute workout consisting of 6 complete circuits. Each circuit has 3-minutes of cardio, 2-minutes of strength training and 1-minute of corework. The cardio includes kickboxing, boot camp and Latin dance. The toning sections are each individually targeted: legs, chest, butt, back, arms and shoulders.

Who is it for?
All fitness levels. Every move can be modified for a low-impact workout or kicked up on those days when you really want to get moving.

What to expect:
Chris Freytag is a friendly, motivating instructor. As a certified by ACE and a personal trainer, certified by ACE as a group fitness instructor, and certified by ACE as a Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant Chris knows what she is talking about. If you're one of those exercisers who gets bored doing the same thing over and over, here's a workout that'll hold your attention. I have found lately that I am an ADD exerciser. I like to continually mix things up and that is exactly what this workout does.You will need 3-10 lb. dumbells for this workout. Click on title to preview Prevention's 3-2-1 Circuit Workout, I know you'll like it!


VeggieGirl said...

Sounds great!

Lizzie M. said...

Can I preview it anywhere?

Nicole said...

Click on the title and you can preview it on Collage Video.


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