Monday, November 24, 2008

Workouts in Review- Pure Yoga Pilates

What is it?

Pure Yoga Pilates with Kerry Bestwick has two sessions: one 40-minute practice for yoga, and one 36-minute practice for Pilates. Both parts are shot in the Bald Eagle State Park in Pennsylvania, which provides a striking backdrop. I found the scenery was very relaxing and that made the workout even more appealing to me.

Who is it for?
This Yoga/Pilates
mix is great for an exerciser who has some experience with yoga and Pilates but I would not consider it advanced. They are both challenging without being overly difficult.

What to expect:
Kerry Bestwick, originally from Nottingham, England, moved to the USA in 1999. As a former competitve cross-country runner and avid yoga & pilates student back in England she decided to pursue her full-time career in the mind and body world once she moved to the US. Kerry acquired many certifications in Pilates and yoga plus an ACE certification after moving to the US.

On this DVD the yoga session starts slowly but gets fairly vigorous. It includes plenty of stretching of the hamstrings and lower back in different forward fold poses; some balancing, lots of chair poses, and a series of challenging lunges, with some twists. It ends with a relaxation period. Kerry's instructions are clear and it is easy to follow her.

The Pilates session includes many of the standard Pilates exercises, such as the Hundreds, Rollovers, Roll Like A Ball, and Double Straight Leg Lift. Bestwick gives helpful instructions about which muscle groups should be tightened and which should be relaxed, and she explains how to do more challenging versions of several exercises.

Click here for a clip.


VeggieGirl said...

Need that!! I'm a yoga fanatic :-)

Piper said...

Two awesome exercises! I think I'd enjoy this video:)

Lizzie M. said...

Do you think I could handle this?

Nicole said...



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