Sunday, December 14, 2008

Workouts in Review- Exhale Core Fusion Pilates Plus

Exhale Core Fusion Pilates Plus

What is it?
You get five 10-minute segments; each works a different body part with different exercises. You can do each separate or do them all together for a 50-minute total body workout.

Who is it for?
Best for intermediate level exercisers who have some core strength already. This DVD is not suitable for beginners. This program features a fusion of yoga, Pilates(not a ton), and athletic-style stretches. I would most liken it to Callanetics which is a ballet inspired workout.

What to expect:
If you are looking for a lot of Pilates, you won't find it in this DVD, except in the name. If you are looking for a workout aimed at flat abs and quick body toning, you would enjoy this DVD. The instructors, Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito are both very easy to take instruction from. They have a total combined experience of 50 years when it comes to instructing in fitness. I enjoyed doing this workout because it mad me feel longer and leaner by the end and that's a good thing:)

Click here for a clip.
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Piper said...

Pilates rocks and hurts too!

Nicole said...

Yes it does:)

Lizzie M. said...

Could I please have those abs? :-)

Jess said...

Sure you can have those abs. I'm just not sure you get them after 4 kids. Of course, you might:) The rest of us have to accept the cruel reality of life:)


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