Thursday, January 8, 2009

Workouts in Review- Bollywood Booty

What is it?
A 45-minute Indian dance inspired workout. This workout is split into 4 sections which you can do separate or all together for a booty burning blast!

Who is it for?
Anyone! If you want a little rhythm but you don't know how to get it, Hemalayaa will help you. She uses terms like "paint the walls" or "twist the light bulbs" to give you a better idea of how the moves should be implemented.

What to expect:
I love working out and not realizing I am. That's how I felt with this workout. Bollywood Booty makes you sweat and you're having fun doing it. The moves range from fast-paced hip flicks and “booty shakes” to sensuous figure-eights and “snake arms". The first three segments demonstrate a different dance; the last section puts them all together into a fun flowing sequence. To tell you the truth, I was a little apprehensive to try a dance workout because I'm a little rhythmically challenged:) I was glad I tried it because it is a FUN workout! Hemalayaa has an easy to listen to voice and she is very encouraging. It was fun pretending I could dance. Maybe with a little help from Hemalayaa, I will!!


~Thank you Katie from Acacia for sending me this wonderful DVD to try. I loved it and it will definitely be a part of my regular rotation:)

For all of you readers out there I want to give you a chance to win a new, sealed
Weight Loss Pilates DVD courtesy of Acacia. Katie from Acacia was kind enough to send me this great DVD as a give-away. Click here for a clip.~

*To be part of the give-away, click on the word "comments" below, then type your comment in the white box. Choose anonymous if you want to be. Next, send me a second comment with just your name and email address (very important) so I can contact you when you win. I will not publish your e-mail address that will be used to contact you only:) The drawing for today's give-away will be from one of the comments left below just this post. Remember just one lucky reader will win so comment soon. I will choose the winner on January 16th, 2009 so there will be plenty of time for everyone to enter. Good luck!

If you are having trouble commenting e-mail me by going to my profile.


*This contest has now ended*


VeggieGirl said...

Fun!! Unfortunately, I'm not comfortable with leaving my email address in comments, so just contact me via my blog is I happen to win, please - thanks! :-)

Nicole said...

Will do!

Piper said...

Denise Austin also has a really cool Pilates video and it's a good thing I have no need for that first video. I'm already booty-licous:) (I love when I make myself laugh)

Spring said...

Thanks for your advice...I can't wait for the drawing:)

Anonymous said...

I would love a new workout dvd to try :)

Lizzie M. said...

Sounds good to me!!!!


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