Thursday, February 5, 2009

Focus on Health

People will quit if they focus only on losing weight when trying some new diet. Diets are tough and as soon as it gets hard or you stop losing weight, you quit! Your goal needs to be to create health in this body. When creating health, there can be a delay in noticing actual weight loss results. If you stop focusing on weight loss and instead focus on your health, the weight will come off.  You will first get confirmation of health in the form of improved energy, fewer cravings and feeling better overall. If you start focusing on the small changes, they will soon become big changes. 

Don’t do what everyone else is doing—trying to lose weight. There needs to be a viewpoint shift, and sometimes it takes a sledgehammer to pound it in. It's not often I hear someone say, “I really need to lose the weight because obesity is a health risk.” Instead it's, "I want to lose weight to fit into this dress for my wedding". Many of us want to lose weight for appearances while ignoring the negative effects the excess weight is having on our bodies. The lack of energy your feeling, the lack of sex drive, the irritability, the stack of pills you're taking, are all signs that something isn't right in your body. Stress is also a huge culprit standing in the way of health and many of us are so used to it that we pass it off as the way life is supposed to be, it's NOT! Many of the contestants from "The Biggest Loser" go back to being heavy because they never fixed the real problem. We have to get mad at ourselves. We have to say enough is enough, I'm not living like this anymore. I want to get healthy, feel better, have more energy, love life and then as a bonus the weight will come off steadily. Losing weight and inches is a benefit of becoming healthy.

Stop treating the symptoms and try fixing the big problem, some of us are UNHEALTHY! If you stick to clean eating and consistent exercise it will work! You will have patience and know that it’s normal to lose one to two pounds per week; and because you’ll be experiencing improved health, you’ll stick to it.

Focus on becoming healthy and you WILL NOT have a weight problem.



Piper said...

My weight has stayed the same for years. That didn't happen until I stopped dieting and made the decision to start living healthy. I deny myself nothing, I just don't over-endulge in the bad. I'm so happy to not be obssessed with food and weight anymore.

Nicole said...

I'm telling you, that's the key. I'm glad to have focused most of my energy on exercise because it keeps me sane:)

Lizzie M. said...

I will need to be reminded of this when I stop nursing Addie. She helps burn up the excess of calories I consume. Pretty soon it will just be a bad habit!


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