Sunday, March 29, 2009

Easter Egg Fun

Okay, I know this doesn't have a ton to do with fitness, but I thought it would be fun for those of you with kids, nieces, nephews, etc. :)

I found a cool site that gives tons of fun food color combinations to dye easter eggs. They have 30 different, fun colors that only require vinegar and food coloring. Also suggested was cutting an empty paper towel roll to hold the eggs while they dry. Fun, cheap ideas, is there anything better?

McCormick Color Creator
McCormick Egg Dye Recipe
McCormick Easter Egg Dying Tips Video

Tie Dye Eggs

Put one egg in a colander that is set over a bowl. Pour vinegar over the egg. Put one drop of color of choice on egg and lightly shake. Put a drop of second color on egg and lightly shake again. Let sit for 30 seconds then pour water over egg and set aside to dry.

Marble Eggs

1/4 cup boiling water
1/8 tsp. oil
1 tsp. white vinegar
Color combo of choice food coloring

Place all ingredients in cup, stir then place egg in cup. Let sit for desired time to get the color you like. Set aside to dry.

Here are the color combos to make with McCormick food coloring. I wrote them all down so you wouldn't have to search through all of them if you don't have a gratuitous amount of time like me, yeah right! 

Just place drops of color of choice in a cup with: 1/2 cup boiling water & 1 tsp. vinegar.
Let sit for 5 minutes then dry.

Deep Purple- 7 blue   3 neon pink
Pretty Purple- 15 blue   5 red
Neon Purple- 25 neon purple
Grape- 17 blue   4 red
Plum- 10 red   4 blue
Raspberry- 14 red   6 blue
Neon Raspberry- 6 neon pink   1 blue
Watermelon- 24 red     2 blue
Fuschia- 18 red   2 blue
Neon Pink- 10 neon pink
Neon Dusty Rose- 6 neon pink   2 blue
Dusty Rose- 6 neon pink   2 blue
Red- 20 red
Orange Sunset- 17 yellow     3 red
Cantaloupe- 24 yellow   2 red
Apricot- 8 green   3 pink
Maize- 24 yellow     1 red
Yellow- 20 yellow
Lime- 24 yellow   4 green
Green Apple- 20 green   2 blue
Green- 20 green
Neon Green- 10 neon   green
Jungle Green- 14 green     6 yellow
Spearmint- 12 green   6 yellow   2 blue
Teal- 15 green   5 blue
Jade- 17 green   3 blue
Turquoise- 5 blue   2 green
Stormy Blue- 9 blue   1 neon purple   2 green
Sky Blue- 9 blue   2 green   1 neon purple
Neon Blue- 10 neon blue
Blue- 20 blue

Have Fun!!


VeggieGirl said...

I LOVE dyeing Easter eggs - so much fun :-) Thanks for the color guide!!

Jennifer said...

Hello! thanks for the ideas. I know what you mean about not having to do with fitness-neither does my peep contest

Lizzie M. said...

Thanks, I will definitely be doing this with the kiddos!!


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