Thursday, May 21, 2009

Books in Review: Kristen's Raw Books

I'm sure you all remember how excited I was when I got my books from Kristen Suzanne. Well I'm just as excited to have them still:) Kristen has been a big inspiration to me in my new found love of the Raw food lifestyle. Her helpful tips and recipes have gotten me through a lot of sticky times as I embark on my Raw Adventure. My favorite thing about Kristen is that she is accessible. If ever I have a question, she is happy to answer. I know if I really need to poke and prod for information she is available for phone consultations as well.

I have made many of the recipes out of all 3 of the books and they have all been great! Of course, I tend to make the ones that tickle my fancy and there are a lot! Note, there are no pictures in the books so as to keep the cost of publishing them down. Do not fear though because she has tons of photos on her website. You can also purchase her material in e-book form and download it immediately to your computer for easy, quick access. Now there's no excuse, you can start your own Raw Food Adventure today!

For those of you not on the Raw food train, the recipes in any of Kristen's books are a great addition to your clean eating menu. Try adding in just one Raw meal a day and see how you like it We all need more fruits and veggies in our diets, right? These books will help you do that for sure!

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