Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Workouts in Review- Kick Max

During my STS program I have been enjoying playing with lots of different cardio workouts. I like to mix it up a lot so I don't get bored. The good thing is that Cathe has over 60 workouts to choose from so boredom is definitely NOT a factor:) The toughest thing is choosing which one I want to do. Today I chose to review one of her kickboxing DVD's.

What is it?

Kick Max is definitely one of my go to workouts. I love kickboxing and this is a tough but fun calorie burner. This workout is 74- minutes in length.

Here is how the workout breaks down:

Warm-up 12 minutes
Kick & Punch Combo's 22 minutes
Kickbox/Bootcamp Challenge 15 minutes
Leg Conditioning Drills 18 minutes
Cool Down/Stretch   7 minutes

There are also several premixes:

Low Impact Kickbox 58 minutes
Low Impact Timesaver 48 minutes
Kickbox/Bootcamp Challenge 50 minutes
Cardio Leg Sculpt 52 minutes

Who is it for?

In it's entirety, this program is for the advanced exerciser. For those of you who are intermediate or looking to become advanced you can work through a few of the premixes then move on to the whole workout. Honestly, I usually do the premixes for times sake. 

What to expect:

If I am really looking to burn calories this workout is a calorie killer! This workout will increase your coordination, flexibility and endurance. The leg conditioning drills alone are a great reason to purchase this workout. I find the more I do them the higher my kicks become throughout all of my kickboxing workouts. 

Cathe as always, has stellar form which she continually reminds you to use. I know that my form is at it's best because of Cathe's awesome instructing and careful attention to detail. If you've never tried any of Cathe's workouts pop on over to her website and check them out. I have every one and am always looking to add more as she releases them. I will be reviewing more of her workouts over the next month or so, so stay tuned! 

Click HERE to purchase and see a clip.

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