Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fitness Success

Well, I put aside my workout phobia and I took a total cardio/weight break for my active rest week last week. Guess what? I didn't die and I didn't gain 10 lbs., shocker! I did yoga everyday in place of my usual light weights and cardio and it felt so nice. In fact, in felt so good I think I just may make it a regular thing, for my rest week that is. When I started my new rotation this week I felt more excited and ready to start it then I had in awhile.

I have been pushing my body 6 days a week with hard cardio and weights for over 7 years now. Even my active rest weeks have become extra "active". It's like I'm addicted to the burn and the sweat. I am afraid sometimes that if I stop pushing hard in my workouts that my weight will come back on so I just keep going unless my body stops me. Most of the time my body stops me by yelling really loud from my back. I have had back issues for years but I am glad to say it hasn't bothered me for quite a while, yay! Oh no, did I just say that out loud?

Since I lost 30 lbs. I have had many people ask me, "How did you do it"? When I say diet and exercise they get all bummed out like they wanted to hear it was a magic pill or something. I'm telling you right now, there is NO magic pill that is going to help you reach your goals. It would be like if Oprah said, "Oh I just sat back and watched the money roll in"! I don't think so! Losing and maintaining weight takes a lot of hard work and determination and as far as I'm concerned, it doesn't get "easier". It becomes more normal and doable but never easier.

Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE my workouts and I LOVE my eating lifestyle, I just want everyone reading this to know that there is no easy way to success. If it was easy, it wouldn't be a stand out success, it would be everyday life. I want to encourage all of you to keep going and working hard at your goals in life and health, you WILL get there! If you want anything bad enough it's worth fighting for!!

If any of you have any questions about your fitness goals or eating dilemmas just e-mail me: thefitnessfreak@cox.net. I also am on facebook so just click on the tab on your right and visit! I am not a licensed physician or personal trainer but this is what I love to do! I have devoured all the information I can for about 15 years now and I love sharing it with others : )

How many of you find it hard to take a break from your workouts? How many of you are finding it hard to start a fitness routine?



Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

Love this post too Nicole!
There is no magic pill.
It's diet and exercise. Period.
I too am addicted to the burn. I cannot help myself. Some people dont exercise enough, I am probably the opposite, but I love it.
My entire life, even as a teenager, I have worked out. I worked out 6 hrs before I went into active labor and 2 hrs after being back home, I had newborn in the jogging stroller. Nuts, yes. But I love it, what can I say!

Even as a yoga teacher you'd think I would just say, ahhh but just do gentle yoga. No, I end up pushing myself and really working up a sweat and the whole bit.

I'd love to hear more about the mental talk you have with yourself in order to say Ok, Take it Easy on the exercise and then actually do it and not go balls out like I end up doing...either with running or yoga. There are very few if any "light days" for me...LOL

Jennifer said...

Amen sister! Yes, there is no magic pill but I think it is a good thing? Why? Because for me when I exercise I also get to feel empowered, relieve stress and have some time to myself so I find it a very rewarding experience!

Kate @ Our Best Bites said...

Oh, girl, I've been on both ends of the spectrum! Lots of food/exercise/weight baggage, I guess! :)

Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

I agree... never easier but always more doable!

And I do look forward to my rest days but do "feel bad" when I take them. I always have to be busy even if it's just cleaning up around the house.

I took a rest WEEK last week and never again! It was hard to want to get back into my exercise routine. But I'm back in it now and love it!

Kristen's Raw said...

Great post! I love the Oprah analogy. ;)

I am so familiar with what you're saying... back in my bodybuilding days I worked out so much because that momentum was awesome. You just get in the habit and it becomes a part of your life. I did take rests though, but kept it at only a couple of days for fear that I'd start a new momentum of just sitting.

But, after a while, working out was so ingrained in me that when we went on vacations and I took a break from the normal time in the gym, I found that I easily got back into it once I was home (I missed it). And, even now, being pregnant and not being able to workout, it's ok. I know that when the time comes I'll get back into the gym and kick butt.

Cheers XOXO,

scrapwordsmom said...

As always I enjoy reading your posts. I agree...it is never easy but it just gets to be a part of your routine. I enjoy cardio but have known for years I need to get on the weights wagon. I have a bad neck but I find when I'm lifting and I"m getting stronger that pain goes away. Anyway...I've been keeping a log (Tosca's) of my weights and reps. I've really been seeing some improvement!! This makes me happy and helps me realize I CAN DO THIS!!


TheFitnessFreak said...

Hey Leslie!

Have you seen Tosca's Eat-Clean Diet Companion? I just got it and it's great! I'm going to do a more detailed post on it now that I have both it and her new Eat-Clean Diet cookbook in my pretty little hand : )

Also, I use to do Callanetics to build my neck muscles. It's a ballet inspired workout and is great for that!


Girl on Raw said...

I totally get you! I have recently lost 17.5lbs and it is still dropping but it has come from hard work and a change in diet and when people ask me, "how did you do it?" like I have stumbled across some great secret, I do find they too are bummed that I have just told them the same thing they already know. Great blog too :)

TheFitnessFreak said...

Thanks Robyn! Great job on 17.5 lbs.!!

MsByn said...

I teach Zumba and LOVE the workout. I've recently been adding weight workouts with Jillian Michael's workouts from 0 Day Shred and others. Callenetics!! I used to do that in high school. I LOVED that workout, but haven't heard about it for years. I totally forgot. Thanks for the reminder:) Great blog!

Leslie said...

WHAT??? NO MAGIC pill? Damn!
No, I totally agree..diet and exercise is the only way to do it!


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