Monday, January 11, 2010

Workouts In Review: HiiT- High Intensity Interval Training

So, you all know that I just received the latest Cate DVD's last week and guess what? I LOVE them!!! The best thing about the latest batch is that 5 of the workouts were easily done with just a quick preview. Usually I have to preview Cathe's cardio workouts several times before I feel comfortable enough to do them. In this batch of 5 basic choreography workouts is the Hiit workouts. Oh boy, they pack a punch and in a short amount of time!

What is it?

Hiit is compiled of 3 different workouts.

The first Hiit workout is 30/30. It is 28 minutes long and consists of a 30-second plyo/cardio burst and a 30-second rest. This pattern is followed for 16 intervals and ends with a short cool down. This is the easiest of the three workouts because you get a longer rest between intervals. I really like this one because you can get in and get out and burn almost 300 calories in just 28 minutes, nice!

The second workout is 40/20. This workout is 29 minutes long and it's tough! I'm sure you see the pattern here, this workout consists of 40 second cardio/plyo intervals followed by 20-second rests. There are also 3 additional i-minute breaks spaced throughout the workout. Just like in the 30/30 program you run through the intervals 16 times. You will burn a little over 300 calories in just 29 minutes, awesome!

The third workout is Double Wave Pyramid. The toughest of these three workouts this one checks in at 30 minutes flat. It's easier if I let Cathe explain this one: "In this workout you’ll do two rounds of intervals separated by only a one minute rest. In each round, you’ll follow a pyramid cycle of nine intervals, in which you’ll start your first set with a 20 second interval, and work your way up to the top of the pyramid, increasing each interval by five seconds as you go. Then you’ll work your way back down the pyramid decreasing each interval by five seconds." This workout burns a little over 300 calories just like the 40/20 workout.

Who is it for?

This is an advanced workout but the choreography is basic. In short, if you have two left feet but still want to get a kick-butt workout this is your DVD!

What to Expect?

Well I think you can guess what you will get out of this workout, 3 intense but short routines that burn a bunch of calories. These will be my go-to workouts for sure! I love that I can get in and out yet really feel like I worked hard. I hope you will all consider this DVD the next time you're ready to purchase a great workout. It is such a deal since you get all 3 workouts for under $30.

Click HERE for a clip.



Lizzie M. said...

These sound awesome!!! They sound like the perfect length for me with four little ones running around! Thanks for the review:-).

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

thanks for the review, Nicole! and glad you're enjoying your dvd's!!!!

as usual, your comments on my bloggie bring a smile to my face :) let's go out for green juice and kale chips...soon!!!!!

TheFitnessFreak said...

Definitely Averie! : )

Shannon said...

Love your blog! The workout sounds awesome. :)

Heather (Where's the Beach) said...

These are so much fun. The 40/20 is probably my favorite. I just wish they were a little longer. Is that sad or what???? LOL

shannonmarie said...

This is totally off topic, but I love that new pic of you and I'm guessing your hubby on the sidebar.


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