Thursday, March 18, 2010

Workout Journal

Well, it's a rest week again which means I finished another rotation. This last rotation was the 2nd phase of STS mixed with the cardio from Cathe's new Shock Cardio. I had a lot of fun this month and noticed big gains in my strength. So much so that I need to go buy some heavier weights. I have one more month of STS then I'm going to give Insanity a try. All cardio and no weights? Will I go crazy? Will my arms turn into limp noodles? I guess we'll see!

Okay, here's this last months rotation:

February 14-20

Monday: Hiit 30/30 w/ STS Med Ball Abs
Tuesday: STS Disc 13- Chest Shoulders & Triceps
Wednesday: Cardio Core Circuit w/ No Equipment Abs
Thursday: STS Disc 14- Legs
Friday: Step Moves
Saturday: STS Disc 15- Back & Biceps

February 21-27

Monday: Hiit Pyramid w/ Yoga Inspired Abs
Tuesday: STS Disc 16- Chest Shoulders & Triceps
Wednesday: Flu
Thursday: Flu
Friday: STS Legs + MMA Boxing
Saturday: STS Disc 18- Back & Biceps

February 28- March 6

Monday: Hiit 40/20 w/ Weights & Plates Abs
Tuesday: STS Disc 19- Chest, Shoulders & Triceps
Wednesday: STS Disc 20- Legs
Thursday: STS Disc 21- Back & Biceps
Friday: MMA Fusion + Circuit Blast (cardio only)
Saturday: MMA Kickbox

March 7-13

Monday: Hiit 30/30 w/ No Equipment Abs
Tuesday: STS Disc 23- Legs + MMA Boxing
Wednesday: STS Disc 22- Chest, Shoulders & Triceps
Thursday: Cardio Core Circuit
Friday: Visiting with my sister before she left : (
Saturday: STS Disc 24- Back & Biceps + 20 minutes of Kickboxing

March 14-20 (Rest Week)

Monday: Turbo Jam Kick, Punch and Jam
Tuesday: Yoga (1 hr.)
Wednesday: Turbo Jam Cardio Party 3
Thursday: Yoga (1 hr.)
Friday: Turbo Jam Cardio Party
Saturday: Yoga (1 hr.)

There's another peek into my workout routine. Next weekend is my Cathe Road Trip Weekend, I'm SO excited!!!! I will do my regular rotation so I can get my weight rotation in there but on Saturday and Sunday I will workout with Cathe : )

P.S. I have to take my computer in to check it's power supply so I will be offline from Friday until Tuesday. I think I will go crazy in that short span of time. I check e-mail and blog stuff so often that I will be lost without it!

Do any of you have fun rotations planned for this month?



RawSierra said...

hey there! I have been doing a walk/run routine on the treadmill. I am so bummed as I had alot of Cathe tapes planned but my wrists are so bad I cannot hold a hand weight. Oh well, I can still hold a band and do her travel tape! I need to invent weights that strap on my forearms and do not involve my wrists! Great workout are so dedicated!

Foster Fitness said...

I am so glad to see you are using the STS- can I ask you some questions about it? I am curious to know if you need to buy all three cycles or if you just choose the type of weight class you want and then go for it?
I am just finishing Insanity and think it is GREAT and a real muscle builder. I didn't know how I would feel being without weights for 60 days. You won't miss them, I promise. You'll do so much plank work using your own body weight it will BLOW YOUR MIND!
Have fun with Cathe! I am a big fan and am excited to know how your workouts with her go! And thank you in advance for the answers. :)

Janice @ Mom On The Run said...

I'm in the strength building phase of my 1/2 marathon training - so for the next two weeks I'll be adding hill repeats to my runs. Following that I'll be doing my speed phase - interval training on a track. I love that you work out in rotations - I just wrote a blog post related to that about periodization on my Fitness Cheerleader site.

TheFitnessFreak said...

Cool Janice, I'm going to go check that out!

Alison, STS is definitely a program that you have to do in it's entirety. Each Mesocycle builds on the strength from the previous one so if you just jump in on a random cycle you won't notice the improvements you will when you do the whole program. It's definitely worth the money! If you just want to tone, you could add Mesocycle 1 into your workout program. M1 is an endurance workout, more reps, less weight. I hope you get the whole program, you won't regret it : )

Megan said...

I am doing Insanity right now!!! It is intense, but SOOOOO good! I feel great!I thought I would be able to manage some of the workouts, but it seems to be revealing more areas where I am weak...ah well! It's a great challenge :) Let me know how it goes when you start! I'm going to be writing more about it on my blog too :)

Also, do you have a gym membership or do you do everything from home? It would be interesting to hear more about your workout routines and what you liked/didn't like, worked/didn't work, etc.

One last question :) do you plan out your workouts (like meals) a week in advance? I'm curious!

TheFitnessFreak said...

Hey Megan : )

Yes, I do all of ,y workouts at home for now. My son is starting Kindergarten in the fall and I will be using the gym more often then. I have a gym membership at 24 Hour Fitness and I keep it because it's only $99/year. I can't wait to use it!

I plan ALL of my workouts. I build my rotation every month from Cathe's website. Here's the post I did about rotations:



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