Thursday, July 8, 2010

Insanity: Day 10- Cardio Recovery

I was glad that this was in the rotation today because my little fall on the stairs made me a bit leery of jumping. What fall you say? I was carrying a huge bowl of water outside and slipped on my concrete stairs. I would have caught myself had I not had the stupid bowl of water in my hands. Yes, I am a dork! Anyways, I took the brunt of the fall on my left hip and my left foot. I was able to do this workout without incident but tomorrow may be a different story.

This workout is a bit harder to breakdown than the others but I will try. This time through it I was able to do the entire squat and lunge series without stopping, yippee!

The first few minutes of the workout warm you up with a loose interpretation of a sun salutation. During this series he does a side lunge with a contract and relax of your back. I have to put my hands on my knee because this move seems to bother my back.

Next up is Plank Work. Shaun T. does pulsing leg lifts while holding plank position. After that you get a nice downward dog then a hamstring stretch.

Once you get out of the hamstring stretch, it's LUNGE/Squat series time! This is the most challenging section of the workout. There are 16 slow squats followed by a 30 second static hold. Now, at this point you think your legs are going to fall off but you're not done, now you have to pulse 16 times!

Just when the burn is getting better, Shaun starts the static lunges. He does these the same count as the squats. Guess what? You get to do that whole thing over again! Yep, another series of squats followed by the lunges with the other leg leading. Oh my!

Okay, you're legs are already sore at this point but Shaun makes you hold a plie squat while touching the floor to one side. I was thinking, this is a stretch? Hmmm, I may have to let Shaun know what a "stretch" is!

Do you remember donkey kicks from Jane Fonda days? Those are NOT in here! Instead Shaun does this, rear leg lift thing all the while in a table position. Now this would be easy except he has you elevate your knees off the floor while doing the move. This is immediately followed by oblique knee ins in the same position. At this point I was thinking, THIS IS A RECOVERY?!?!

Okay, I will give it to Shaun, he does let you have a more relaxing stretch, IN THE LAST 5-MINUTES!!!!

Okay, I'm teasing, kind of. I do like this workout because there is no jumping. That is one of the best parts for sure! Thanks for not making me sweat like a crazy woman today Mr. T : )


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