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Books in Review: Pick It Kick It, An Interview and a Giveaway!!

I love Clean Eating and I'm sure you have all figured that out by now. Whole food taste so fresh and has far more flavor than it's processed counter part. I get so many e-mails from people wanting to know how to start eating clean. It isn't a surprise that in this fast paced world people are too busy to take the time to learn a new, healthier way of eating. Well, guess what? Diane Hart, executive editor of Oxygen Magazine, has made a book just for you.

Pick It Kick It is a guide to begin your Clean Eating journey. For those of you who need to take this new way of eating step-by-step, here's the book for you! Diane gives you alternate food choices for some of your current, not so clean food choices. I like this concept of picking a better food choice for one that may be less than stellar in the nutritional arena. In this book there are guides to making better choices at fast food places as well as better choices for everyday foods that you may be eating now.

Also included in this guidebook are menu plans, wonderful recipes and helpful tips that will have you eating clean and feeling great in no time!

I had a chance to interview Diane Hart and I'm so happy I'm able to share it with all of you:


FF: When did your love of fitness and good eating begin?

Diane Hart: There were two key moments in my life when I realized the importance of fitness and good eating - When I was 15, my father died of a massive heart attack and that had a huge impact on me - I vowed to stay in shape and eat well from that moment on. And, then many years later, when I had my two kids, I wanted to get back into shape and decided to start training for triathlons - I've done more than 10 of them and now have a new goal - run a half-marathon.

FF: What is your favorite Clean Eating breakfast?

DH: I absolutely love steel cut oats and every morning mix 'em up in the microwave! It takes only four minutes  - I add a little bit of almond butter, some unsweetened apple sauce, some berries and low-fat yogurt and it's quick, easy and delicious!

FF: What is the simplest yet most effective change people can make in their diet?

DH: Buy this book! : ) Be more mindful about the way they eat. (eg. look more closely at nutrition labels, keep an eye on potions - eg eat off a lunch plate at dinner/ eat only half a wrap at lunch and take the rest home) Cutting out soda pop and salt goes a long way too!

FF: I am on the run so often with my 3 boys. What are the easiest, most nutritious food items that are portable for those who are busy like myself?

DH: The bulk of all the salt you eat - almost 80% - comes not from a salt shaker but from processed foods so relying on packaged foods when you're on the run isn't what you want to do. Pairing fruit like an apple with raw almonds or peanut butter or yogurt is a great snack; tuna or hummus wraps stuffed with veggies; low sodium tomato juices are another great way of getting in your veggies on the run; low fat cottage cheese on pita is another great choice.

FF: I love Oxygen Magazine because of the dedicated women you feature in it. Who has inspired you the most out of those women?

DH: I truly think all of us inspire each other and all the women in the magazine have individual stories that motivate each of us. What always has profound impact on me are the "success stories" of everyday women who are like me -busy, on the go and multi-tasking every hour of the day. And yet, they still find the courage to change their lives simply by eating better and getting moving. 

 FF: What is your number one secret to staying in shape and staying on track?

DH: Consistency. I love to workout and even if I'm traveling, I go for a run or a swim or spend time lifting weights in the gym because I know it's a great stress buster as well as good for my heart and keeps me lean. I also don't beat myself up if I happen to indulge in a treat once in a while  - I simply vow to get back to it the next and stay as consistent as possible.

FF: I have so many readers that ask how to stay motivated. How do you stay motivated even when life is moving at such a fast pace?

DH: I realize, again, that exercising regularly, eating well and taking time to myself is the best at reducing stress so it motivates me to keep going! We've just completed our second issue of the new Off the Couch! Motivation for Real Women, an  Oxygen special issue magazine devoted to motivation. So keep an eye out for lots of motivating tips and stories - it's on sale October 6!

FF: What is the one food you couldn't live without? What is the one food you would never touch?

DH: Pick it Kick it isn't about denying yourself any food - just eating less of it or switching it out for something better, so it's difficult to choose one food. But I couldn't imagine not having steel cut oats for breakfast - it's just the best to start your day! And the one food I never touch is high sodium deli meat. 


Thank you Diane for taking the time to answer questions for my readers! You are such an inspiration to us all : ) Thank you for continuing to put out such wonderful magazines and books to help us all in our journey to optimal health!

Also, a big thank you to Rechelle at Bordeaux for sending me this wonderful book!

I am happy to give away one copy of this great little guidebook to one of my readers! Here are 5 ways you can win:

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I will pick the winner on Monday, August 30th, so enter and enter often : ) (Thanks Pam for reminding me to have a drawing date :)

Good luck and thank you for reading my blog!



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