Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Insanity Update: Fit Test #4

This week marks Week 8 of Insanity. I have to say, it is mentally tough at this point. Physically I am improving with big gains in most of the workouts. Mentally though, I have to talk myself into finishing. I have not stopped early but I won't lie, it has crossed my mind. Believe it or not, the chatter that Shaun T. does to encourage you and keep going, I have all but ignored up to this point. I am now glad for this chatter as it does motivate me to keep going. I have my eye on the prize! I will finish, I won't quit and I'll be happily sweating the whole time!

Now, for Monday's Fit Test results:

Switch Kicks       1: 63/ 126   2: 64/ 128  3: 64/ 128   4: 66/ 132
Power Jacks       1: 50           2: 56          3: 64           4: 65
Power Knees      1: 86           2: 94          3: 96           4: 96
Power Jumps      1: 50           2: 50         3: 56            4: 57
Globe Jumps       1: 11           2: 11         3: 12           4: 12
Suicide Jumps     1: 19           2: 21         3: 22           4: 23
Push-Up Jacks    1: 24           2: 27         3: 32          4: 34
Low Plank Oblique   1: 35/70    2: 52/ 104    3: 47/99 4: 53/ 106

I was really happy with this Fit Test because the last time through I thought there was no way I could get better on any of the moves. Not that I think I'm fantastic by any means, it's just that I felt I was going as fast as I physically could. I guess I was happily mistaken. The improvement on the Switch Kicks I was very excited about and am guessing those improvement comes from the fact that this move is done so much in the Month 2. The Power Knees are at their highest I'm thinking, and I will be interested to see if I can improve further on them  come my final Fit Test. Other surprising improvements were the Suicide Jumps, the Push-Up Jacks and the Low Plank Oblique. I think because all of the push-ups this month I shouldn't be surprised at the improvement, but I was.

Well, a little less than two weeks from now I will be taking my final Fit Test and saying goodbye to my morning chats with Shaun T. I will miss him but I am excited to hit the gym once more after a 10 year hiatus. Hmmm, what will I do there? Looks like I'll have to get busy on a gym rotation! Any tips or suggestions?



Katie said...

The last 2 weeks!!! I know what you mean about it being mental at that point...you can do it!!!

The fit test shocked me every time. You'll get even better next time, I guarantee it.

TheFitnessFreak said...

Thanks for the pep talk Katie! Are you excited to be done?

Megan said...

congrats! i'd be interested to hear about your gym rotations :) i have a pass to the gym and need to get back into the swing of things with a better routine! including weights!

TheFitnessFreak said...

Megan, I'll definitely post it once I come up with one!

Kelly said...

Congrats on your amazing fit test progress. I love that about the fit test - I'm a visual person, so I need to see my progress! :)
Almost done!!!

TheFitnessFreak said...

Yes Kelly, and I'm so excited! :D

shannonmarie said...

You go girl! How's that for a pep talk. I think you're doing spectacular :-)

Coby said...

Seriously, you ROCK and are so inspiring in your determination.

Question: where are you at with your fitness goals at this point, and what are they? Are they more on the maintenance side? Muscle-building? Just curious...from someone who actually LOVES to workout but has fallen off the wagon the past couple of weeks!

Love you!

TheFitnessFreak said...

That's a great pep talk Shannonmarie : ) Thanks!

Coby, I am working on building muscle at this point. I would like to lose a few pounds but may have to just get used to where I'm out now :D I am always changing it up because it makes working out more fun and less monotonous.

Love you too!



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