Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Workouts in Review: Defined Lines

I have been doing a lot of interval workouts combining cardio with weights. I like these workouts a lot because I rarely do them and it's been a pleasant change. The other great thing is that it allows me to fit more yoga in on the days in between.

A new trainer that I have been enjoying is Tracie Long. Now, she does take some getting used to because she can seem very robotic at times. I think that this mannerism is because she gets really focused on form and in that case it's okay with me as I too am a stickler about form. Besides, she has to have the best figure I've seen in a long time. Maybe if I do these workouts enough I'll look like her ;o)

This morning I did Defined Lines for the first time and decided I had to do a post about it. I have really come to love functional workouts and this is an awesome functional fitness workout! Sometimes I get so picky about getting moves just right that I forget to be useful they should be fluid. Shaping muscle with proper form is very important but just as important is making those strong muscles useful in everyday movements. This workout feels like it does just that, yippee!

One thing I need to note is that this workout is not broken down and she goes from one move to the next quickly. Although it can frustrate at first, trust me it is so much better in the end because you don't feel like you're standing around waiting for the instructor to get through an explanation. I would much rather just go through a couple times bobbling than have my workout momentum stalled for a step-by-step.

I have about 8 more of Tracie's workouts and have done quite a few of them several times. She has a Focus series that is great for when you need a quick 30-minute workout that is very effective and gets you in and out fast. Defined Lines is from her Longevity series and these run around 50-minutes. She also has a Reboot series and Focus 30 Hips workouts but I have yet to try them.

If you sign up for Tracie's newsletter she lets you know when the workouts are on sale. I picked up all of mine when she had them on sale for $9.95 each. That was a steal! I hope she will have them on sale again because I know I will be picking up more.



Kim Ho said...

Thanks for the great review. I must look into this. Now following u my dear. Great little blog. So glad I stumbled onto it.


TheFitnessFreak said...

Glad you like it Kim : ) Thanks for reading!



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