Saturday, March 7, 2009

For All the Raw Foodies Out There

The Raw Food World is a great resource for all things raw. I subscribed to their newsletter and they have discount codes and offers all the time. Right now use the code: VISA and get 17% off your entire order until March 12th, 2009. This code excludes appliances.

I hope you get as much good info there as I have:)



VeggieGirl said...

Oooh thanks for the link!!

Lizzie M. said...

Thanks for the info!

Jennifer said...

What are some of your favs from them?

Nicole said...

Hey Jennifer,

I get my chia seeds and hemp powder through them on a regular basis. I also get the kelp noodles as a pasta alternative. I have thyroid issues so the extra iodine is great:) Many of their bars are yummy too.


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