Monday, May 11, 2009

Books in Review: The Eat-Clean Diet for Men

The Eat-Clean Diet for Men

Okay, for all of you clean eating women out there who can't get your men to eat clean with you, Tosca Reno introduces The Eat-Clean Diet for Men. This book is co-written with Tosca's husband Robert Kennedy, who has been at the forefront of bodybuilding and the fitness industry for many years. He’s worked with all the top bodybuilding stars and publishes six top fitness magazines, including Maximum Fitness, MuscleMag International and Oxygen.

With over 60 recipes geared toward men and beautiful photographs to boot, this new publication will be a hit for sure! There are more recipes that include lean meat options of old favorites like Good 'ol Burgers. For many men out there it's hard to find good food that tastes great, now they can. Thanks Tosca and Robert for another winner!

The Eat-Clean Diet for Men is now available. Click HERE to get your copy!


Kristen's Raw said...

Hope you're having a super week!!!

Nicole said...

Always! Thanks Kristen:)

Jennifer said...

You surprised me: I have read tosca and oxygen for years yet somehow did not know that she and robert are married! Just saw the ad for this book yesterday while reading the latest copy of oxygen on the plane.


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