Saturday, July 18, 2009

Natural Food Deals

I scoured the internet this week looking for natural foods coupons. A lot of the sites have you sign up for their newsletters then send coupons to your e-mail. In these hard economic times I think we all could afford to save a few dollars:) I have already used quite a few of the coupons with success! Here are the deals I found:

Brown Cow Yogurt- Sign up here for e-coupons!
Stonyfield Farms- e-coupons
Earthbound Farms- take a short quiz and get coupons in the mail. They came really fast!
Barbara's Bakery- mail coupons
Organic Valley- e-coupons
Nature's Path Coupon- e-coupon
FruitaBu- e-newsletter and offers
Horizon Organics- newsletter w/ offers
Kashi- e-coupons
Mambo Sprouts- organic coupons and newsletter
Various Organic Coupons
Clif Bar- free samples through the mail
Whole Foods- Money saving meal plans
Rudi's Organic Bakery- newsletter with coupons
R.W. Knudsen- e-coupons
Barnes & Noble Gift Card- Free with the purchase of various natural food products
Now go save money!!


Jennifer said...

Thank you my frugal fitness friend!! my favs are stonyfield, earthbound, organic valley, natures path, horizon, kashi and clif. Off to sign up

Kristen's Raw said...

Very cool! You rock!

Maureen Jeanson cPT c MH said...

Even better is when you can combined those coupons with sales and mark downs. Thanks for sharing the links!

TheFitnessFreak said...

Very true Maureen! Your welcome:)

Lizzie M. said...

Thank you, thank you!!!!


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