Saturday, February 6, 2010

Workouts in Review- MMA: Fusion

Well, I'm still working through my 10 new STS Shock Cardio DVD's that I purchased from Cathe. I am totally LOVING them all! I have just one left to try so I'm making headway. This series has 11 new workouts 3 of which are MMA DVD's. MMA: Kickbox, MMA: Boxing and MMA: Fusion which I'll be reviewing today. As you all may know by now I absolutely LOVE kickboxing (as posted HERE) or any type of martial arts workout. Cathe did not disappoint me with these latest workouts. I know I will be reaching for them often!

What is it?

MMA: Fusion is a 50-minute high energy, fun workout. I kind of felt cool doing it. You know, like I could defend myself if I had to. Now that's not saying this is any sort of self defense training workout but it did make me feel strong. She has some martial arts moves mixed in with plenty of core work plus there are several sports based, cardio drills.

Who is this workout for?

I would say MMA: Fusion is an intermediate/advanced workout. There are some high-imapct moves but they could be modified if needed. I would highly recommend this workout for anyone who loves martial arts style workouts.

What to expect?

The moves were fairly easy to master but this may be because I have done so many kickboxing workouts in the past. I didn't find myself getting lost or frustrated, I was just having a lot of fun and sweating while I was at it. The cardio in this is not as challenging as some of Cathe's other kickboxing DVD's but that was okay with me because I managed to burn almost 400 calories doing it, yippee! My abs were sore the next day because of all the core work in this workout, which was a great plus!

Click HERE for a clip.



RawSierra said...

I have like all of Cathe's DVD's except for the new Shock videos. Some of them are really high impact for my arthritis now. But of course I can modify. Some of my favorite workout DVDs by Cathe are 4-Day Split, Cardio and Weights, Butts and Gutts, Step Blast.

She is an awesome fitness instructor!

simpledaisy said...

Sounds interesting!! I am just getting ready to order the Insanity Dvd's!! But I am trying to figure out how to fit it in while training for a half marathon!! Too many things and too little time:)

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

Hi Nicole!
Thanks for your lovely comments. Ive been reading them at stoplights from my crackberry on the way to yoga..while sipping coffee. That sentiment is pretty out of balance from the crackberry to the yoga/coffee but hey, whatev :)

you have brought many smiles to my face this your comments.

exercise videos. Havent done one since i was pregnant and did some pg yoga. it was lame. Prior to that, Suzanne Sommers in jr high. I did you not.

I just wing it rather than video it :)



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