Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tosca Reno Interview

Tosca Reno has been an inspiration to me since I read her first book, The Eat-Clean Diet. She has since come out with 8 books on the subject and all of them are wonderful! Tosca looks so great and she has inspired so many to feel and look their best too. I was given the opportunity to interview her this week and I want to share the interview with you. Enjoy!

Nicole: As a Vegan I was very excited to see all of the vegan/ vegetarian recipes in both the Eat-Clean Diet Recharged and the Eat Clean Cookbook. Do you personally eat a lot of vegan/vegetarian meals?

Tosca Reno: Yes, I do. I make a point to eat several vegan/vegetarian meals each week. Not only do I like how they taste, but they make me feel amazing and they reduce my carbon footprint.

Nicole: How much of your diet is organic and how important do you think organic food is?

Tosca: I do eat a fair amount of organic food such as some fruits and vegetables, meat and eggs. That being said, not everyone can afford to eat organic. Some foods are more contaminated by pesticides (bell peppers, cherries, pears, raspberries, spinach) while others, usually thicker skinned (bananas, onions, corn, pineapples), aren’t so much at risk. I recommend purchasing organic for high-risk foods and, of course, washing your fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating.

Nicole: What are your top 5 favorite clean foods?

Tosca: Oatmeal, grilled chicken, kale, sweet potatoes and beans.

Nicole: Since you first came up with the concept of clean eating what, if anything, has changed?

Tosca: The concept of Eating Clean hasn’t changed, but it seems that every time I go to the market I discover new and exciting Clean foods such as dinosaur kale, star fruit, coconut butter, etc.

Nicole: What do you never leave home without?

Tosca: My cooler full of Clean eats and my water bottle.

Nicole: If you were stranded on a deserted island what one piece of fitness equipment would you want there?

Tosca: Good question, Nicole. I’d bring a resistance band so that I’d still be able to incorporate strength training into my routine. Cardio would be easy – I’d just run on the beach!

Nicole: What is the most enjoyable part of your job?

Tosca: The best part of my job is hearing from readers who have been successful living the Eat-Clean lifestyle. Some of them have lost weight, some have improved their health and others are accomplishing challenges they never thought they’d be able to achieve. Being able to help and inspire these people is a true gift that I don’t take for granted.

Nicole: How many times a week do you lift weights?

Tosca: I lift weights three to six times each week, depending on if I’m doing full-body workouts or splitting my routine.

Nicole: How many hours of cardio do you do in a week?

Tosca: I do two to three hours combined cardio each week. My cardio workouts usually last 30 to 45 minutes.

Nicole: What are your favorite pre and post workout meals?

Tosca: Before a workout I love a banana with nut butter or an apple with some raw, unsalted almonds and after a workout I like an egg white omelet with chopped peppers or a protein smoothie.

Thank you Tosca for a fun and informative interview! I'm so grateful that you took the time to answer the questions I had. I love that you continue to motivate and inspire us to be healthy and to work hard at it everyday!

I hope you all enjoyed the Q&A!



Reuben said...

nice interview

Adrien said...

Great interview- was that in person?

I love the fact that she's also Canadian- makes me proud!


TheFitnessFreak said...

No Adrien, it was through e-mail. She's on vacation now so it was easiest that way. Of course, if she was doing an interview she wasn't really resting was she? Such a hard worker that girl! : )


Lizzie M. said...

How exciting! Good questions!!

scrapwordsmom said...

Thank you, Nicole! I love that girl!!:)

The Blonde Duck said...

Fellow fitness freak popping in to say hi!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

way to go on a great interview


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