Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm Back!!!

Whew! That was a LONG trip! I was so happy to see the I-35 and 69 Highway signs when I landed. I knew I was in for a great couple of days with my sisters and family : ) I have two sisters that live in Kansas, one of them is single and the other has four kids. I had a wonderful time with my younger sister in Kansas and worked out everyday. I even got some pool time in there to work on my tan : ) My younger sister is very active so I knew I wouldn't have to worry about getting my workouts in while I was in Kansas. I even worked out in the morning and went for a nice brisk walk at night one of the days, it was great! I didn't get to see my older sister as much, sniff, sniff, I guess some of us have to work. Hopefully she'll come for a visit soon.

On Friday my sister Liz, niece Ashlynn and I headed down to Arkansas for day one of my four day trek. I picked up my grandparents in Arkansas and left Saturday morning to start the 3-day journey to San Diego. I wasn't able to get my workout in on Saturday because of the 13 hour car trip but I did laps around the gas stations when we stopped just like I promised and I also worked some squats in there. Yes, people looked at me but I didn't care!

We got to Midland Texas at about 7:00 on Saturday night and I was whooped! I was so grateful for the TV/ DVD player at my cousins house in Texas. It was in my room so I worked out really early Sunday morning before hitting the road again. Just knowing that I would be able to workout in the morning made my sleep much better on Saturday night. I only missed one workout which was good because I was starting to go crazy sitting all of the time.I made a point to get a walk in once we arrived back in San Diego on Monday afternoon. These legs needed a stretch!

I'll spend my workout time this week focusing on my legs and glutes, I feel they suffered greatly from the constant sitting in the car. For those of you who have to sit at a desk all day, I feel for you. Four days in the car and my back is already talking to me, bummer. I will also practice yoga this week so that my back will be in better alignment. Thank goodness for yoga!

Here is how my workouts played out:

Wednesday: Travel Fit plus Walking
Thursday: Tighter Assets Cardio Blast plus Swimming (my fave)
Friday: Yoga Meltdown
Saturday: Laps around the car : )
Sunday: Travel Fit
Monday: Walking
Tuesday: 4DS Chest, Shoulders & Triceps
Today: Kick, Punch & Crunch Kicking and Punching Drills plus Leg Work

I lost 1 lb. while I was gone which is much better than the five I would usually gain on a road trip. There was something freeing about not having the option to get junk at every gas station we stopped at. I had all of my food packed in my cooler and that is all I ate the whole trip. When we stopped at my cousins house in Midland, Texas she has a large salad prepared for me and my Aunt and Uncle in Tucson were kind enough to do the same. Here is what was hiding in my cooler and snack bag:

Lots of fresh blueberries
Raw Hummus
My Tahini salad dressing
Raw Bars
A little chocolate ( my special treat :)
Raw crackers
Plenty of water!!!

That's what I lived on and I felt great! I love summer and all of the fresh produce that is available. This is the best time of the year to vamp up your eating and take advantage of all of the delicious varieties of fruits and veggies. Try eating something new this week. Hey, maybe you'll like it and make it a regular part of your diet, yay!

I was so bad at remembering to take pictures. Here are a few though:

This was the Farmer's Market in Overland Park. They had so many yummy looking fruits and veggies. I wish I had more room so I could have taken more home.

This was my grandparents home in Yellville, Arkansas. I know they'll miss it but we are so glad to have them here with us now.

This was in Arkansas heading towards Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Look at how beautiful the clouds were. This was in Texas. It was so nice to see such blue skies!

Abilene, Texas has one of the largest collections in the nation of wind turbines. They went as far as the eye could see. My cousins husband works for the company that is responsible for placing them in various locations. They are quite proud of them : )

I'm so happy to be home! My boys missed me so much and it was nice to be needed when I got home :D My wonderful hubby missed me too which was nice.

I start Insanity on Monday and am so excited about this new challenge! I'll keep you updated.



VeggieGirl said...

Welcome home!! :)

TheFitnessFreak said...

Thanks Liz : )

Lizzie M. said...

It was awesome having you here....please come again sooooon!!!

Laury Ann said...

I agree...I LOVE summer time makes it so much easier for everyone to eat healthy and fresh!!! Looks like you had a nice trip...some of my clients just got back from there too, heard the bbq was unreal, so I had to kick their butts a little extra to help them work it off ;-)

scrapwordsmom said...

Loved hearing about your trip, Nicole! I thought about you the day we could have met...I promise next time:)

I loved the ideas for your cooler. We leave for Texas/New Mexico in a few weeks and my husband and I have decided to pack a cooler and eat out only 1 meal a day. We will be gone for 3 weeks!!! The kids are a bit hesitant but we have promised ourselves NO FAST FOOD!!:)

Nicole said...

You'll love Insanity. I'm going into Day 4 tomorrow and can't believe what an intense workout it is. I'm in pretty good shape, but the sweat just drips off. Good luck! :)

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

welcome home and yes, i bet they missed you tons! at you're more needed and appreciated, im sure :)

wrecklessgirl said...

also: hummus + crunchy veggies are a staple for lunch these days. AH-MAY-ZING.

wrecklessgirl said...

sooooo ... you've got me thinking. a lot. the other day at the gym, i picked up REAL FOOD - to get a start in the long line of reading i'll be doing this summer regarding fresh, organic food. i'm not sure i'll make the HUGE jump to RAW, but i do incorporate a lot of what you write about in my everyday life--and hope to even more in the future. you're such an encouragement! thanks for sharing!

TheFitnessFreak said...

Leslie, it was wonderful to have that little cooler with me. I know you all would just love it! It really takes the guess work out of eating. Have a fun trip!!


TheFitnessFreak said...

I'm glad you're liking Insanity Nicole! I'm anxious to start : )

TheFitnessFreak said...

Kristy, I've been wanting to read Real Food. I have it on order at the library but I guess lots of people want to read it too as I have been waiting a while.
My sister really wants to go 100% Raw as well but her hubby and family are kind of hard to work around. She has started eating all Raw except for dinner and she's really enjoying it. Just an idea! Thanks for commenting! I love hearing from you : )



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