Saturday, August 7, 2010

Insanity: Month 2, Day 6- Max Interval Plyo, The Breakdown

Today I did Max Interval Plyo for the second time and no I didn't have a breakdown silly! It was still tough but not as bad as the first time through. At the end of round 1 I was seriously wondering if I could make it through the rest of the workout. Now you all know I did but I just wanted you to know that this is not a cake walk by any means.

Obviously with a name like Max Interval PLYO, you will be jumping a lot! I have had knee issues in the past but have been pleased that it hasn't talked to me once during Insanity. I have done other plyo workouts before that have bothered my knee but Shaun is so particular about form and I think that is the biggest difference. When you are doing most of the work with your core like he constantly reminds you to, you tend to put less stress on the rest of your joints.

In this workout, Rounds 1 & 2 will be repeated 3x as with most of Shaun's interval workouts. The good news is that you only do Round 3 once, yippee!! I forgot about that until the end of round 2 and I was so excited when he was done after one time through : )

Here is the breakdown:

Round 1

Switch Jumps
Squat Push Ups
Wide In & Out Abs
Power Jumps
Water Break- 30seconds
After the third round, no water break and straight into:
One Leg V-Push Ups
Water Break- 30 seconds

Round 2

Pogo Jumps- One Leg
Power Push Ups
Globe Twists
Level 3 Drills (yowza!)
Water Break- 30 seconds
After the third round, no water break and straight into:
Power Lunges/ Hop Squats
Water Break- 30 seconds

Round 3 (1 cycle only)

Side Push Ups
Kickstand Touch the Floor Jump
8 Power Knees/ 4 Diamond Jumps
Balance Push Ups

Stretch- 4:30

My favorite move in this workout is the water break! Okay, I'm kidding, I do like the Wide In & Out Abs, I can really feel them in my quads. My moves that needs most improvement, Level 3 Drills and Power Push Ups, ugh! Just when I though I was getting better at push ups Shaun has to knock me down a couple notches by adding more reps! What a brat!

I am so happy that tomorrow is a rest day. I think I will do some yoga because this week was really tough. I may go for a walk because it is so gorgeous outside but taking it easy is my plan.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Any exciting plans?

I will be back on Monday to breakdown Max Cardio Conditioning. This is my favorite workout in Month 2 because of the variety in it.

Talk to you soon,


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Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

hi beautiful!!!

the note you wrote me on fri has stuck w/ me all weekend (which was crazy) but anyway..thank you!!!!

i am blessed to have found you as you are such an amazing person, nicole!!!!



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