Friday, August 6, 2010

Insanity: Month 2, Day 5- Max Interval Circuit, Take Two!

Well, it was the second time through Max Interval Circuit and I do think I did better. I would say the second circuit is my favorite with the High Knees w/twist being my favorite move. The one move I really want to improve on is the Full Body Drills in Round 3.

The entire workout is 60 minutes long. When you take out the time for the warm-up, stretch and cool down, you are left with the body of the workout which lasts 45 minutes. I am finding that it takes quite a bit of endurance to jump around for 45-minutes straight! My favorite part of the workout is the first round of each circuit where he breaks down the moves. It's a nice little break and I encourage him to keep explaining while I catch my breath : )

Here is the breakdown of the body of the workout: (each move is about 45 seconds)

Round 1

Pedal/ Power Lunges
Ski Abs/ Push Up Jacks/ In & Out Abs/ Oblique Knee-In (Yep, all one move!)
Power Strike
Frog Jumps
Water Break- 30 second
Repeat 2 more times
After the 3rd round, no water break and straight to:
Football Runs w/ Cross Jacks
Water Break- 30 seconds

Round 2

Hook Jumps
High Knees w/ Twist
High Low Jab w/ Squat
Floor Switch Kicks
After the 3rd round, no water break and straight to:
1-2-3 Jab Across
Water Break- 30 seconds

Round 3

Side Suicide Jumps
Squat Hooks
Full Body Drill
Plank Punches (Shoulder burn, big time!)
Water Break- 50 seconds

Stretch  5-minutes

I find that I am more tired after Max Interval Circuit it is just so intense. I will say though that it was nice doing it by itself today versus with the Fit Test like I did on Monday. I know my shoulders will look nice by the time I finish this month. Love it!

Just a side note, I went to the doctor today to get my BMI done. I was so glad I went there one week after I started Insanity because now I can get a true progress report. My doctor uses the machine with the wires that looks like an electrocardiogram machine which they said is very accurate as long as you are properly hydrated. It actually tests your hydration as well and mine was perfect, yeah! I lost 2 lbs. of fat and gained 4 lbs. of muscle since starting Insanity. Yep, I was excited! This month is so much more intense and I can't wait to see the changes at my next appointment.

I want to hear how you are doing with your programs, whatever they are! I love hearing from my readers! Thank you for the comments and e-mails, they mean a lot : )



Coby said...

This sounds like a super-intense workout! Which is why they call it "Insanity," I guess!

Oh, I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I have not exercised in about 10 days. It's been very challenging this summer to continue to work out; but one change I've seen in myself is that I'm not beating myself up if I'm not working out "perfectly." (e.g., every single day). If I can get in 4-5 days a week and maintain my weight, then I'm okay. Now, I just need to get back to actually doing that! ;-)

TheFitnessFreak said...

As said by Rob Schneider in Water Boy, "You can do it!" :D

With three little men running around, it is understandable that you missed a few days! Enjoy them!!


Shannon said...

Sounds like an awesome workout where I may steal a few ideas....keep it up!

TheFitnessFreak said...

They're good ideas, that's for sure! Shaun did a great job developing this one : )

Jeremy said...

I love your overview of Insanity I am getting ready to start it again. I tore my cafe 10 days into it a couple of weeks ago.

TheFitnessFreak said...

I'm so glad it's helpful to you Jeremy! Torn calf? Ouch! Way to go on starting again! Let me know how it goes.



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