Thursday, August 5, 2010

Insanity: Month 2, Day 4- Max Recovery

I was so glad it was a recovery today because my entire core is so sore! Guess what? It wasn't as much of a recovery as I thought. Cardio Recovery was a little tough at first and there were a few moves I wanted to improve upon. As for Max Recovery, I could seriously improve on more things than not. It may be the fact that I didn't get to bed last night until 3:00 a.m. but I this was a really tough workout! Just think planks, push-ups and plies to the nth degree! I know I'll be sore tomorrow. Just so I don't scare you, I will say it was nice to not jump around like an insane person. Other than that, don't let the "recovery" label fool you : )

Shaun T. doesn't label the moves so it was my best guess. Here is a breakdown as well as I could, well, break it down:


Flat Back Hamstring Stretches
Flat Back Inner Thigh Stretches
Flat Back Hip Flexor Stretches
Upright Hip Flexor Stretch
Side Angle Pose

Workout 1

Hamstring/ Back Stretch
Lower Back Strengthen and Stretch
Plank Contractions
Knee-In Plank Contractions
Chaturanga Push-Ups
Child's Pose
Downward Dog
Split Leg Stretch
Stationary Lunge w/ Leg Lift
Side Angle Pose (crazy long!)
Split Leg Stretch
Repeat last 4 exercises on other side

Workout 2

High Plank
One Arm Balance/ Push-Ups (rotating right to left and repeat 3 times)
Child's Pose (Thank God!)
Low Plank w/ oblique knee-in
Child's Pose
Downward Dog

Workout 3

Plie Squat Series- This 4 minute section is done holding a plie the entire time while bending from right to left. All I can say is, ouch!

Workout 4

High Plank/ Low Plank Walk
Child's Pose
Repeat 5 times

Workout 5

Downward Dog (You won't hear me complaining about starting this series with one:)
Standing Oblique Knee Up
Repeat 6 times
Water Break- 30 seconds
Hammer Abs

Cool Down and Stretch- 2-1/2 minutes

I wish I could narrow it down to a couple of sections that I want to work on but I can't. I would say workouts 3-5 were the toughest. I will be doing this next week on a better night's sleep and I will let you know if that helps my ability to make it through. I have so much room for improvement but I'm excited to see it!

Tomorrow I will be breaking down Max Interval Circuit.  Stay tuned!



Kelly said...

The plie series is what kills me. My legs are always shaking by the end. I agree, though, that I love that there is room to improve. But definitely the hardest "recovery" I've ever done. :)

mbelcher said...

Hey Nicole,

Just about to start this one today! Looking forward to it. Great blog by the way.

Matt, San Diego

TheFitnessFreak said...

Hope you enjoyed it Matt!



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