Monday, March 5, 2012

P90X Update plus a New Protein Supplement

Here I am in my last month of P90X and I can't believe it's almost over. I have thoroughly enjoyed this round and have noticed that I do not dread some of the workouts like when I have done it in the past. The biggest change I made was in the cardio. I did do some of the P90X cardio but really mixed it up with my other HiiT workouts, hiking, kickboxing, etc. This was a great way to take advantage of the program without getting burnt out on cardio repetition.

Because I am in the last 2 weeks, I am doing workouts for the "last" time. The absolute best part about doing workouts for the last time is that you can push yourself the hardest. You see, when I know I have to do the workout the next week I mentally hold back knowing that I will want to beat that number the next time I do the workout. Since I won't be doing the workout again, I push so hard I can even get a bit queezy. I like getting a bit queezy, it means I am pushing my hardest! I don't recommend it for everyone though ;)

Okay, so here are my final numbers from Chest & Back:

Move                                                     Start                                Finish

Standard Push-Ups                             15 full 15 knees               36 full
Wide Front Pull-Ups (brown band)      21                                    32
Military Push-Ups                                18 knees                          10 full 10 knees
Reverse Grip Chin-Ups                        22                                    28
Wide Fly Push-Ups                              17 knees                          20 full 5 knees
Close Grip Overhand Pull-Ups            16                                    26
Decline Push-Ups                                16 knees on chair             20 full
Heavy Pants                                         10 reps  15 lbs.                16 reps  20 lbs.
Diamond Push-Ups                              24 knees                          14 full 9 knees
Lawnmowers                                       15 reps  15 lbs.                13 reps  25 lbs.
Dive-Bomber Push-Ups                      10 knees                           8 full
Back Flys                                             15 reps  8 lbs.                  15 reps  12 lbs.

All of the moves are repeated in a second round so this is the lowest and highest of the 2 rounds. I don't like the Dive-Bomber Push-Ups in the beginning and I don't like them in the end. I do them like Marain does them and just go under the fence then push up. I was quite happy with my final round today and am so glad to see the vast improvement. I lost my book from the last two rounds I did and I am sad because I know I have improved since then. Anyways, one down, five strength workouts to go!!

On another subject, I started using a new protein powder a couple of months ago and I really like it. It's still vegan like my other brown rice powder but it has so much more good stuff in it. They changed the formula on my Vanilla Protein Energizer which was a bummer. They took out a lot of the spirulina and wheatgrass because some of the customers said it was too "green". My advice to them, drink something else and leave my perfectly good protein alone! Oh well, here is the new one I found that's even better!

I managed to get this when Amazon was offering it on Subscribe and Save and have still been able to have it shipped that way. I'm sure next month they'll not do it anymore and then I'll be sad. I love that it uses several different proteins(Pea, Hemp, Rice with Chia Seed) and has lots of greens as well as 10 essential amino acids. Plus, the taste is delicious!!

Hope you liked the update! If you are thinking about doing P90X, do it!!



Fit Mom said...

Way to go! I am on Phase two week 7 of P90X. What a great idea tracking how many you do! I use the worksheets but I never marked whether I was on my knees or not.

Great job!

TheFitnessFreak said...

Thanks Fit Mom! Yes, I learned early on writing down the nitty gritty helped me see the progress a lot better : )


Kelly said...

Nice improvement! I just started tracking my reps/weights this round I'm in right now of P90X2 and what a difference it's making. Not sure why I wasn't doing this before! :)

TheFitnessFreak said...

Writing down your progress is SO beneficial! I am very competitive, even if it's just with myself, and it really pushes me. I think you'll notice the difference for sure!!


Lindsay Farrar said...

Great progress!! I find that I always bring back P90X into my rotation as well! I like your variety of cardio...I'm sure that helped your body from getting complacent!

Great blog!

TheFitnessFreak said...

Thanks Lindsay! Yep, it's a keeper for sure : )


Sammy Cakes said...

I just got that protein recently. I love it! I mix it with Avocado, Carmel Flax Oil, a few ice cubes and just enough almond milk to blend. It makes delicious soft serve with a shot of protein and greens. They also have a protein powder that has pomegranate, mangostein, goji, noni, and acai that I think would be delicious and give an extra antioxidant boost. I also want the chocolate even though it has no extra awesomeness to it, cause well its CHOCOLATE! Lol

Anonymous said...

I am in my second round of P90X, about to start Phase 2 and I absolutely love it. I do Turbo Fire on the cardio days and sometimes do doubles. love love love.

TheFitnessFreak said...

The funny thing is that I own both Turbo Fire and P90X but they are always out on loan. I think I need to "borrow" them back : )


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