Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shoe Review: Earth Athletic Shoes

I LOVE my Earth Energetic Shoes! I have lower back issues so I was in desperate to find a pair of shoes that would help alleviate that. I don't know if it was the shoes or not but my back has been much better since switching to my Earth Energetics! They are a little bulkier than my previous cross training shoes but not so much that I worry about it. Here is a little info on them:

Kalso® Negative Heel Technology®

The most defining feature of Earth footwear is Kalso® Negative Heel Technology® a unique inclined sole that positions the toes 3.7ยบ higher than the heels. The slight angle shifts weight subtly back over the heels, and can help strengthen and tone the body while also burning calories.

Anatomic Arch Support
To complement Kalso® Negative Heel Technology®, all Earth footwear features reinforced support through the arch. The arch support maximizes the effectiveness of the heel design in promoting a natural walking motion.

BioFoam® Cushioning
Inside all Earth footwear, a form-fitting footbed provides exceptional comfort with Biofoam cushioning. The proprietary material molds to the shape of the foot, displacing and absorbing shock with each step, and is environmentally-considerate, using 70% recycled content.

Burn more calories with every step

The more lean body mass you build, the more calories you burn. With Earth® footwear, the slight incline of our Kalso® Negative Heel Technology® lets you feel as if you're walking on an inclined treadmill, and can contribute to fat-burning effects at a rate of up to 4x that of conventional footwear.

Check out all of Earth's available styles HERE!


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Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

It's so funny...right before I left San Diego I went to the vegan store in University Heights (I blogged about it) in search of Earth shoes! Not their athletic shoes but more sandals. They didnt have much of a selection but I have heard great things about the whole Earth line. Then, I also heard from a cranial sacral therapist friend she's seen people get out of alignment from them. So that scared me off. But now that I read your review I am really tempted to order a pair and see. I have horrible plantar fascitis and the arch support would be so awesome. So anyway, long comment here but thanks for the review!


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