Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Healthy Ginger Cookies

These are a great treat at Christmastime. Molasses is high in B vitamins and iron plus agave has one third the glycemic impact of sugar, yay!


¾ C coconut oil
1 C agave
¼ C molasses
2 eggs (organic and free-range)
3½ C whole-wheat flour, finely ground (preferably soft white wheat)
1½ tsp. baking soda
½ tsp. sea salt
2 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. ground cloves
3 tsp. ginger (plus, optionally, freshly grated ginger root)
1 tsp. nutmeg

Cream together the coconut oil and sweeteners, then add the egg and mix well. Add all the dry ingredients and mix well. Roll into walnut-sized balls and bake at 375° for 6 min. I rolled mine lightly in evaporated cane juice because my boys love the crunch.

This is a great healthy alternative to the processed sugar and fat counterpart.

Click HERE for a printable version.



LizNoVeggieGirl said...

My all-time favorite Christmas cookie! :)

Mindy said...

YUMMY!!! can i put this recipe on my blog? I'll link you! these look great!!! I can't wait to try them!

Mom on the Run said...

I love all Clean Recipes! These cookies look fantastic!

TheFitnessFreak said...

Oh absolutely Mindy! I love getting recipes like this spread around : ) Enjoy!

ReneƩ DeLano said...

these sound great! printing out the recipe!

Clean Eating -- It's a Lifestyle said...

Hi! I found you via The Gracious Pantry while looking for a clean cookie recipe. These look delightful and are going on my "to do" list! Thanks!

Hediellia said...

I just made these as a test for Christmas. I substituted a mixture of honey & maple syrup instead of agave and rolled them in coconut sugar and they turned out awesome! They're crisp on the outside and chewy in the middle (and you'd never know they're healthy!)

TheFitnessFreak said...

Glad you enjoyed them Hediellia!


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