Saturday, July 9, 2011

Turbo Fire and......

I'm Baaack!!!!!

How have you all been? I've missed you!!!

Life has been crazy busy lately. As the mother of three young boys I think that will be my story for awhile! We also celebrated my Grandma's 90th birthday with a huge family reunion which including all 6 of my brothers and sisters and their families, the last of which just left Thursday.

As hectic as my life may be I always fit my workouts in. I even had my sister working out with me while she was here. It was great to have a workout partner, the motivation in that is awesome!

Before summer break I was a regular in the gym. Seriously, I almost changed my address! It was a great change of pace to my normal at-home workouts but by the end of the school year I was longing for them once again. Summer Break has come and that means I need a kick butt rotation!

Turbo Fire to the rescue!!! Can I just say, I love Chalene! She is such an awesome, upbeat, motivational woman. When I grow up I want to be just like her ;o)

I'll give you an overall breakdown today then give you a bunch of detailed workout reviews as I continue the program. This is a doozy of a post so be prepared!!

Buying Turbo Fire. Turbo Fire is  12-week program if you have the basic package and a 20-week program if you buy the advanced DVD's. My tip of the day, buy the program through a Beachbody coach instead of the Beachbody website, you will save quite a bit of money on shipping if you do. Here are a couple of the Beachbody coaches I know: Tricia Smith, Kelly Holton and Lizette Reyes. I purchased the basic program for $119.70 and added the Advanced DVD's for an additional $59.70. with shipping it cost me $209.25. If I had purchased the Advanced Program as a whole it would have cost me $279.23(all prices as of 07/11). The products you WON'T get if you order it this way are: the lower body band(resistance band), Results and Recovery Formula and the resistance tubing. I don't use the R&R drink and I already have all of the bands and tubing but for a savings of 70 bucks I won't be crying over the loss. Look into it for yourself and see which works best for your needs.

I did quite a few of the workouts prior to starting the program just to get a feel for it. I absolutely fell in love with them! The variety is great! I know I will use these DVD's for a very long time. I found that I got bored with Insanity after awhile and really had to push through to finish the last 3 weeks or so.

Starting the Program. One of the advantages to purchasing the Advanced DVD's is that they throw in the TurboTracker journal. This is a nifty little book that helps you keep track of your measurements, before & after photos, food intake and workouts. Make sure to take note of your measurements and then take your picture! I did this when I was doing P90X and I was so glad I did. It's very motivating! There is also a 5-day Inferno Plan in there which will help kick start you results. The foods they suggest look quite easy to prepare and budget friendly, both of which are a plus in my book.

How I'm Tweaking the Program. I am pretty much following the program as is but slightly tweaking the first month. If the workout is 30 minutes or less, in lieu of the Stretch 10 I will be doing 30-40 minutes of yoga. My muscles are nice and warm so the yoga is a great way to stretch and it has the added bonus of recruiting some muscles for strength. Love it! Chalene has your rest day on Wednesday but I started on a Friday so that Sunday could be my rest day because that works better for me.

Here is what my tweaked first month looks like:

Day 1: Fire 30 & Yoga
Day 2: HiiT 15 & Yoga
Day 3: Rest ( I know, but it's on the schedule)
Day 4: Fire 30 & Yoga
Day 5: Fire 55 EZ
Day 6: Fire 30 & Yoga
Day 7: Core 20 & Stretch 40 (I can't wait to try these for the first time!)
Day 8: Fire 45 & Stretch 10
Day 9: HiiT 20 & Yoga
Day 10: Rest
Day 11: HiiT 15 & Sculpt 30
Day 12: Fire 55 EZ
Day 13: Core 20 & Stretch 40
Day 14: Fire 45 & Stetch 10
Day 15: Fire 45 EZ & Stretch 10
Day 16: HiiT 25 & Yoga
Day 17: Rest
Day 18: HiiT 15 & Tone 30
Day 19: Fire 45 EZ & Stretch 10
Day 20: Core 20 & Stretch 40
Day 21: Fire 55 EZ
Day 22: Fire 45 & Stretch 10
Day 23: HiiT 20 & Yoga
Day 24: Rest Day
Day 25: HiiT 20 & Sculpt 30
Day 26: Fire 55 EZ
Day 27: Core 20 & Stretch 40
Day 28: Fire 45 & Stretch 10
Day 29: Fire 55 EZ
Day 30: Fire 30 & Sculpt 30

My Goals. I am always working toward improving some aspect of my fitness. Whether it's my endurance, my strength, body fat percentage or my overall fitness, there is always room for improvement. If we don't have goals, we lose motivation and momentum. That being said, I have come to the realization that for me, my goals have to be realistic. If I make them unattainable I become discouraged and that is not beneficial. My dreams of having a body like Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2 are not realistic! Darn it! If only I could have her shoulders!;o)

Your Thoughts. I would love to hear from you! Have you done Turbo Fire? Are you thinking about doing it? Did you love it? Tell me, tell me! I love hearing about other peoples experiences!

Stay Tuned. At the end of every week I will update you on the workouts. My thoughts, ideas, etc. I'll break them down as well as I can and give you my oh so honest opinion.

See you next Saturday! Or maybe before then....



Lindsay and James Cotter said...

i heard thats like the kickboxing version of insantiy. wow!

Cassandra said...

That sounds like an ultra-insane work out schedule! Looking forward to the end of Week 1 to see how it went. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I liked your review Nicole. Hmmm I wonder if I would have time for this.-holly watkinson

i_amEatingRight said...

Welcome back! Chalene is great and so is Turbo Fire!

TheFitnessFreak said...

Holly, these are great to have even if you don't do the program as suggested. It's a mix of HiiT and kickboxing which are two of my favorite cardios! Liz did them with me a couple of times and she already wants to buy them : ) I'll review each workout so you'll know if they sound fun or not.


TheFitnessFreak said...

It is the kickboxing version of Insanity Lindsay, that's why I love it!

TheFitnessFreak said...

Thanks Cassandra!!

shannonmarie said...

What a way to return. Turbo Fire was an excellent choice. Haven't tried it, but have definitely thought about it.

My grandfather and father-in-law's mother both turned 90 this year. Sounds like we both have longevity in our genes.

Good to see you back :-)

TheFitnessFreak said...

Thanks Shannon Marie!!

Tricia said...

Great Review! I love Turbo Fire because she wastes NO time! Great for busy schedules!! This set got me into the BEST cardio condition of my life, and I have always been active and have always worked out! I also drink the Shakeology daily for lunch:( It is through Beachbody as well. If you wamt to check out more info you can go to my site
If you would like more info on making $$ with Beachbody, email at
Stay Healthy Everyone!

Kelly said...

Thanks for the shout out, Nicole. So glad you're liking TF! I love the advanced DVDs too ... lower 20 is GREAT! And I've been adding that into my routine a lot here at the end of my pregnancy ... not the HIITS. :) Can't wait to get back on the full TurboFire program!

Jillian F said...

Awesome post!! Definitely want to try out turbo fire. So far I've completed px90 and that kicked my butt!

Thanks for sharing your opinions!

TheFitnessFreak said...

P90X rocks! I have done it 4 times now and love it every time! Turbo Fire is a lot of fun! I like to mix it in on cardio days during P90X. It keeps me from getting bored : )



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