Thursday, July 14, 2011

Turbo Fire Breakdown for Week 1

I realized after I posted my last mega-post that I forgot to give at least a little bit of an idea of what the Turbo Fire workouts are like. What a silly girl I am! Well, let me just breakdown this weeks workouts which will help you decide if Turbo Fire is your kind of workout.

Fire 30. Fire 30 is a kick boxers dream! Lots of punching combos with some kicks thrown in for good measure. There are 3 routines that you do two times each. There are also 2 Fire Drills that are 60 seconds long. If you are new to class there is an option to have each routine broken down so you can get the choreography. By doing the "New to Class" version the workout will be about 12 minutes longer. You should only have to do the "New to Class" once. The moves throughout the program have some similarities so you'll get used to the way Chalene calls out them out which will help you kick it up a notch after you have them down pat. This class, although it is short, is intense! You will feel this one the next day in your core!

HiiT 15. In this class you are jumping, jumping, jumping! If you are familiar with other HiiT workouts you'll know that's a given. Get ready for Squat Jumps, Air Jacks, Split Lunges and more! There are 3 drills that you repeat 3 times each. That's a total of 9 drills with a 30-second rest between each drill. I love this workout because I can do 30-40 minutes of yoga when I'm done and still get a workout in less than an hour! The best thing about HiiT is that your body is still ramped up even hours later.

Fire 55 EZ. This workout is more of an endurance routine as well as a core strengthener. Your arms will get an awesome workout with this one! I was curious if a 55 minute class would get repetitious but I was happy to say that it didn't. It was a great change from the high intensity HiiT. I know once I get the moves down I can really put a lot of energy into it! In case my saying that concerns some of you, don't worry there is no fancy, dancy choreography in this one it just has some new moves I hadn't done before. If you pick the "New to Class" option on this one, you add about 18-minutes onto your workout so make sure you have the proper amount of time allotted for that addition.

Stretch 10. I really love this stretch! I have decided, like I stated before, that I would be doing 30-40 minutes of yoga in place of this stretch when the workout itself is 30-minutes or less. That is not because I don't enjoy this stretch, it is just a way that I can add a bit more effort on those days that have shorter workouts. Chalene is great about stretching the specific parts of your body that need stretching from these workouts. She hits the rotator cuff really well which is an extremely important muscle to stretch when doing a lot of punching. This stretch feels really good!

Core 20. This is a great workout! The first half of class is standing core work which you do using the resistance tubing. I love these moves! Next you're on the floor doing some more cool moves using the resistance bands. Chalene ends the workout with plank exercises and then finally push-ups, a favorite of mine.

Stretch 40. Wow, this is a great stretch! It's very yoga inspired moves. I would say 95% of the moves are yoga which of course I loved. The great part of this program is the opportunity to stay flexible. I have a tendency to start feeling my back and knee if I get tight and that is why I focus on staying limber. The first half of class is standing yoga poses which are great for both strength and flexibility. The second half of class is done on the floor and she ends class with a 3-minute corpse pose(savasana). I felt great at the end and it was a truly needed stretch after all of the kicking and punching.

Fire 45. Whoops, I forgot to preview this one first! No worries, I made it through without incident : ) This is another fun Fire workout. Lots of kicking which is awesome for the butt! Roundhouse Kicks, Tuck jumps, Sump Squats, Air Jacks and more fun moves are found in this one. She throws 3- 60 second fire drills in there for good measure. This one is great for your core and your endurance. Chalene always makes the routines fun and that keeps me going for the full 45-minutes. The first 10 are always the hardest to get through but once you do that the rest is a breeze!

HiiT 20. Burpees, Quick-Feet, High Knees and Squat Jumps are just a few of the moves you'll be doing in this HiiT workout! The drills are 45-seconds each but guess what? They repeat! The first two you'll do 2 times through and the last one you will be doing 3 times through. Yep, that's 7- 45 second drills! Don't worry you get a 45-second break between each one. I follow this workout up with 30-40 minutes of yoga and it feels so good!

If you have ever done Turbo Jam you will not have a problem with the moves in this first part of the program. There are some similarities but not enough that I would say they are exactly the same. Picking up the moves will be a lot easier for you though if you have some knowledge of the Turbo Jam workouts.

I have really enjoyed this first week! I know, it's not over yet but remember I started the program on a Friday. I hope this gives you a btter idea of what the workout is all about. If you still have questions about the workouts that I've reviewed, feel free to e-mail me:

Workout reviews coming up next: Sculpt 30, HiiT 25, Fire 45 EZ

What workouts did you all do this week? Are you following a rotation of some sort or are you doing what you feel like that day? Let me know!



Lindsay and James Cotter said...

i so want to try this. great plan!

TheFitnessFreak said...

You'd love it Lindsay! A lot of sweatin' going on :D


Kelly said...

Awesome breakdown of the programs. I did the Upper 20 and Lower 20 from the Advanced DVDs yesterday - love them! Today is a rest day. :)

Deborah Hays said...

I'm all over it! Love, mom

TheFitnessFreak said...

I have yet to do the Upper and Lower body workouts Kelly but I can't wait! I really like the two total body workouts so I can imagine I'll like those as well : )


Moon said...

How many weeks are there?
I have done some bodyrock-workouts this week, ang getting ready to do a new one in a couple of minutes.

TheFitnessFreak said...

If you get the advanced DVD's Moon, there are 20 weeks in the rotation. If you just get the standard set there are 12. Enjoy your bodyrock workout!



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