Monday, July 25, 2011

Turbo Fire Week 2 & A Little Comic-Con Fun

So sorry I didn't get a chance to post this weekend but it was my birthday on Saturday!! It was a gorgeous day outside, 75 and breezy, and I was happy that I was able to get out and enjoy it. I purchased Comic-Con tickets for my son back in December for Christmas and the big day finally came! Yep, I spent my birthday in downtown San Diego staying close to the convention center in case he needed me. It was a memorable day to say the least! There are some crazy costumes at the Con! Here's one of them:

And just a small sample of the crazy crowds:

My son had a blast and got the much desired autograph from Jim Lee. It was worth the long day in the middle of the craziness to see him smiling that much : )

Okay, so back to Turbo Fire, Week 2!

Week 2 schedule + a little of Week 3:

Friday: HiiT 20 & Yoga
Saturday: Fire 45 & Stretch 10
Sunday: Rest
Monday: HiiT 15 & Sculpt 30
Tuesday: Fire 55EZ
Wednesday: Core 20 & Stretch 40
Thursday: Fire 45 & Stretch 10
Friday: HiiT 25 & Yoga
Saturday: Fire 45 EZ & Stretch 10

Here are breakdowns of the new classes I had this week:

Sculpt 30. This workout has you doing upper and lower body exercises in one move. For example, squats with bicep curls and a bowler's lunge with an overhead press. The first 20-minutes are standing then the rest of class is done sitting. Don't think that just because you're sitting it gets easier! You really work your core on the floor moves. The only equipment you'll need for this one is your resistance tubing and a mat.

HiiT 25. Do you like jumping? I hope so because you'll be doing a lot of it in this workout! Think, air jacks, tuck jumps, squat jumps, sumo burpees and more! There are 4 drills and you do each of them twice, that's 8 drills! Each drill is a little over a minute and then you get to rest for 40 seconds or so. Each drill is broken down before you do it full on. I absolutely love HiiT so I love this workout : )

Fire 45 EZ. This is one of my favorite workouts in the series. It's an intense but fun kickboxing routine. A few of the moves are upper cuts, running man, front and back kicks, speedbag and her twist move that was made famous in the Turbo jam series. This is a great endurance workout! I find the first 10-minutes go by kind of slow but faster that, you blink and it's over. Get ready for kickbox heaven!

Tone 30. I did this workout today. It is similar to Sculpt 30 in that it has you doing upper and lower body moves at the same time. The standing moves are also the first 20-minutes and the last 10 are floor exercises. The moves are not all the same as the sculpt workout so that you work different body parts in different ways. I especially love the plank/ tricep move and the core/ lat pull move. You will need your resistance tubing as well as your lower body band(resistance band) for this workout.

I'm noticing more definition in my arms and legs so I'm happy with the results so far. I just love Chalene and it's her motivating, energetic personality that gets me through every workout. I am such a fan of kickboxing because you get a great workout and have a blast at the same time so the time flies. I am so glad to have these workouts in my library and I know I will be doing them for a long time!

There will be no new workouts until I start the advanced workouts in October. Perfect timing too since it will be a little cooler: ) I will keep you updated on any progress or any fun tips I come across. If there's anything you want to ask me about or do a post about let me know!

What workouts are you doing this week? Anything exciting going on? 



scrapwordsmom said...

Hey, Nicole! It's been a LONG time since I've stopped by. Looks like you are enjoying life:)

Been thinking about you.

Marina said...

Such a nice and inspiring blog.. Come back and write more :)

TheFitnessFreak said...

Thanks Marina! Just a couple more weeks and I know I'll have more time to write : )



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